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* Landers / Rovers
* Landers / Rovers
** Pathfinder
** Pathfinder
** Spirit
** Spirit
** Opportunity
** Opportunity

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This is a list of topics that we'd like to be fully covered with articles on the wiki.


  • The Planet (overview, scientific details, interesting features & locations, the Moons, etc.)
  • History of Mars on Earth (why is it called Mars, theories about it, etc.)

Remote Exploration of Mars

  • Orbiters
    • Mission pages for every robotic mission, including all failed attempts. (feel free to borrow from MarsNews.com which James Burk wrote all of, but much is likely out of date)
  • Landers / Rovers
    • Pathfinder
    • Spirit
    • Opportunity
    • Curiosity
    • Mars 2020
  • Future Missions: Mars Sample Return, ExoMars, Red Dragon

Human Exploration of Mars

  • Current Plans & concepts: Mars Direct, NASA Design Reference Mission, Caltech missions, Mars One, SpaceX, etc.
  • History of plans - David S. F. Portree has done a lot of work in this area and I have his book. You can also pull up his Romance to Reality site which is in archive.org.
  • Technologies needed: propulsion (chemical, nuclear, ion, VASIMR, etc.), ISRU, space suits, lander concepts

Permanent Settlement

  • Mars Foundation designs: Hillside Settlement, One way mission, Plains Settlement
  • Technologies needed: 3-D Printing using in-situ materials, use of lava tubes, etc.
  • Article about Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars and what they did.
  • Other concepts.


  • What is Terraforming
  • How might you Terraform Mars: plans & concepts
  • 100 year schedule