Contributor Categories

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1a. Contributors of own work: PI's, peer reviewed papers, opinions, also artwork, fiction, etc. May be too busy or inappropriate for us to ask them to summarize someone else's work.

2a. Contributors of work they find: minimal editing, might be willing to volunteer for assignments.

2b. Contributors, casual: may only suggest "new articles needed."

3a. Editors: those who summarize other's work, might be willing to volunteer for assignments.

3b. Editor / cleanup: devoted folks who fix up exisiting pages, wording, grammar, etc.

4a. Readers, devoted: those who come back repeatedly or follow links to many pages; they may appreciate a "page of the week" notification.

4b. Readers, casual: if they see a link on the web, they may become more interested.

4c. Readers, accidental: stumble upon a page and may or may not come back.