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There is a problem at Marspedia.

Every time I edit a page, delete or create a page, instead of the "delete page successful" page or the new created page; my monitor shows a Marspedia background covered with links to spam sites. I must close the page to avoid clicking on any of the spam links. Someone has gotten some malware uploaded to the Marspedia site.

Also I left a note about a questionabe file on your Lunarpedia talk page, [[User talk:Miros1#A questionable file]].

I do not know what should be done, but I can think of not allowing people to contribute without an invitation. What do you think? - 22:33, 18 August 2012 (UTC)

I suppose that I might be qualified to get in on discussions about this from the Lunarpedia side. I am in the Moon Society now, but I have not faced the mechanics of joining discussions yet. I still have much clean-up to do on my own contributions. Now I have evidence that there is a virus associated with my e-mail account. That will hamper communications until I figure out what to do. The time wasted on SPAM and viruses is a pity. Thanks for your support of my suggestion. I know it is not original with me. - Farred 21:47, 30 September 2012 (UTC)