Marspedia:Editorial Minutes 9/16/2019

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Marspedia Editorial Subcommittee Weekly Meeting

We convened this meeting as a teleconference using the Zoom.US service on September 16, 2019.


James Burk, Frank Crossman, Stefan DuBois, Josh Baldwin, Michel Lamontagne, Hannah Blackburn (Fla. Institute of Technology)


  • MDRS Archival project
  • MDRS Archive server & file transfer logistics
  • Needed Articles
  • Articles that need editing
  • Mars Atlas POC
  • Contextual maps for Mars Atlas

MDRS Archival project

Hannah joined the call, who is actively recruiting students at FIT to help with Marspedia and our MDRS archival project. She has 6 students and recruiting more.

Goal is to create a Marspedia page for each MDRS crew and their crew reports/photos. This will be the official permanent archive of MDRS.

Stefan and James are also helping on this project. Stefan/James to begin with earliest crews and Hannah/FIT students to begin with most recent crews.

James went over that Crew Reports should be titled "Crew NNN - Commanders Report - DD/MM/YYYY" so that Marspedia's search autocomplete is working optimally and not cluttered.

MDRS Archive server & file transfer logistics

James has set up a server with all the MDRS mission support email data from 2011-present and some earlier stuff as well. He'll be sharing the details on that with Stefan and FIT soon.

Some discussion of whether FTP would work best.

Needed Articles

We briefly went over the needed articles page. There are still several needed articles, so folks can choose any that they'd like to work on and hyperlink them. Once they are edited by a 2nd person and completed, they can be removed from this page. This workflow is working out well so far.

Articles that need editing

James found the email of a previous contributor so we can complete the Wind Turbine article.

The article Observing Mars with a Telescope is also ready for editing by somebody.

Mars Atlas POC

Josh Baldwin joined the call and is ready to resume work on Mars Atlas Proof of Concept (POC). James and Josh went over some technical details and requirements for this work. This is the beginning of our long-term vision of a VR-enabled Mars Atlas / Globe with all 2000 USGS-sanctioned place names represented.

Contextual maps for Mars Atlas

Michel and James discussed the 60 contextual maps on Wikipedia and what type of solution we are looking for on Marspedia.

Action Items for Next Week

Trello Board is Updated

Trello Board

Contact James if you need access.