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Marspedia Editorial Subcommittee Weekly Meeting

We convened this meeting as a teleconference using the Zoom.US service on July 22, 2019.


Frank Crossman, Stefan DuBois, Bruce Mackenzie, Shaun Moss

Meeting Minutes

  • James Burk absent; meeting led by Frank Crossman
  • Bruce said he would send MDRS message archive directly to Stefan rather than through James
  • Frank reviewed the Trello board, with the following updates:
    • Shaun has been chatting with sources regarding the Mars calendar information. Has good picture in mind of what eventual article will look like, and will begin writing soon once workload from new job slows down.
    • The 3 articles marked for review on the Current Article Hitlist (Hohmann transfers, wind turbines, and helicopters) are all finished. Could use once-over for any factual errors/typos, but are essentially finished.
    • Frank will work with James on linking 2002/2004 Mars Society song contest winners to Marspedia.
      • Some debate on whether music from CD sold with book can be posted online. Frank indicated that the licensing allows relatively free reign, and Bruce suggested that the artists shouldn't make a stink as long as they are obviously given credit.
    • Some confusion on publishing the results of the Mars Colony Design contest. Bruce thought no info would be published until 1 year after the fact, and suggested at least a short abstract and image for each presentation. Frank will write a summary article encouraging people to buy the book for more information.
    • Animated GIF issue solved, if inelegantly: GIFs can be made to animate on Marspedia article pages if they are posted at full size, but do not work if posted as thumbnail. Therefore, authors wanting to use GIFs should resize them on PC before uploading ( is an easy online resizer). Marked as complete in Trello.
    • Verify ImageMaps work on Marspedia Trello tab seemed resolved due to Michel's written comments. Marked as Complete in Trello.
  • Shaun (living in Australia) likes the new meeting time (3PM PST) and should be able to join in the future.
  • Frank found series of short, 2-page essays on "Why go to Mars," written by authors ranging from students all the way to retirees. Suggested finding a way to incorporate this into Marspedia.

Trello Board

Trello Board