Marspedia:Editorial Minutes 4/9/2018

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This was our second meeting of 2018 and was convened as a teleconference using the Zoom.US service on April 9th, 2018 at 10:30AM PST. This will be our new weekly timeslot.


James Burk, Bruce Mackenzie, Frank Crossman, Kerri Miller, Shaun Moss, Jim LeFevre


  • Review Frank Crossman's Categories research
  • Discuss the plan for Categories


James provided an update on the funding of our VPS by the Moon Society and an update on the new logo and upcoming PR push.

We discussed in detail Frank's recent work on categories. You can see his Proposed List of Categories from last year, and we discussed refining it in the following ways:

  • No more than 3 levels deep.
  • Use Title Case for all category names.
  • Use no more than 1-2 words for category names. Spaces are ok.
  • Make Human Exploration a top-level category and further distingush it from past robotic missions.

We discussed some of the technical aspects of Mediawiki and how it handles categories (they are all flat, and not a hierarchy), and how we could build a hierarchy by manually creating a new Browse page that displayed them similar to Frank's proposed list, with each being a link to that Category's page & the articles that are "tagged" with it.

We discussed the current difference between Tag Templates and Categories on Marspedia.

We discussed the use of content licenses on Marspedia, and the background of why we have mostly public domain content (with some exceptions such as Nicole's work), and everybody on the call agreed that the current license structure makes sense and should be maintained as-is.

We discussed the desire to limit articles to be tagged to only categories on the final list, and that new categories can be suggested but would only be approved by the Editorial Subcommittee. (ie. no free & open creation of categories).

James provided a description of the eventual Areography section and how it would work, and how article pages would look. Shaun provided some context of the use of "Areo-" words and how he uses them on a case-by-case basis and how Areography and Areology are generally accepted, while others will still have a "Geo-" prefix.

Action Items

  • Frank to refine his Proposed List of Categories based on today's meeting, due by next Monday.
  • James to include Shaun on Technical Subcommittee.
  • Technical Subcommitee to research how best to create a "Category Picker" to limit the use of categories on articles to the final list we come up with.