Marspedia:Editorial Minutes 4/2/2018

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This was our first meeting of 2018 and was convened as a teleconference using the Zoom.US service on April 2nd, 2018 at 10:30AM PST. This will be our new weekly timeslot.


James Burk, Nicole Willett, Jim LeFevre


  • Recent history catch-up for Nicole & Jim.
  • Talk about what is needed immediately for Editorial team.


James provided an update on the recent Council meeting and some backstory of Marspedia for the benefit of Jim.

Now that the new logo is done, James and Mike Stoltz will be doing a PR push for Marspedia and beginning to contact Journalism schools to find science journalist candidates that can be interns for Marspedia.

James mentioned the three Editorial-related things which are needed immediately for Marspedia:

  1. Review the Proposed List of Categories which unifies all the Marspedia categories with other Mars Society properties, so we can long-term build a search engine.
  2. Review the recent submissions that were done primarily by user "SuitUpAndShowUp". He's been very prolific.
  3. Think about what other content we want, so we can assign out work.

The meeting ended abruptly because the Internet went down where James works, but we were almost done. We'll meet again as a team next week at the same time.

Action Items

  • Everybody to review Proposed List of Categories so we can approve & start using this.
  • Everybody to check the recent submissions and review for quality.
  • Everybody to think about what other content we need in the near-team, so that work can be assigned out. We can add to the list of Needed Articles and Marspedia:Topic List.
  • James to work on PR announcements and begin work on Mars Atlas.
  • [Done] James to fix bug that is affecting the wiki rendering on Chrome & IE.