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Split page - more on Sabatier reactor

This page seems to be more about the whole methalox production process that SpaceX might use.

I propose a section here on the Sabatier reactor, that maybe later could be split out into Sabatier reactor. The Sabatier reactor (it says) is the only part not available 'off-the-self', so we could expand on it here ? - Rod57 (talk) 13:56, 12 May 2021 (BST)

for the other processes we used the expression .... reaction, and Wikipedia mentions the Sabatier reaction. so I suggest we create Sabatier reaction for the chemical aspect, and add a Sabatier reactor section to the Sabatier water electrolysis process page.
I think splitting out a Sabatier reactor page would be interesting for a detailed design, perhaps there is something available from the ISS system ? Or there may be industrial units from solar to gas grid than could apply.
The graph seems to be missing the energy rejected from the reaction itself, although that may in the condensation of water part. Would need to be clarified.
(above by Michel Lamontagne 12 May 2021)