Marspedia:End Of Year Call Minutes 12/18/2018

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Minutes for the Marspedia End of Year Call - December 18, 2018


James Burk, Frank Crossman, Bruce Mackenzie, Susan Holden Martin, James Ghoston, Jim LeFavre, Ben Smith

Council Members Not Attending: Carie Fay, Lucinda Offer, Michael Stoltz, Mike Delaney


James Burk gave a Presentation which was recorded and is posted to YouTube. Slide Deck is here.

Governing Council Changes

James Burk nominated Susan Holden Martin to rejoin the Governing Council (she is a former Chair), and also Shaun Moss to join the Council.

Kerri Miller has resigned from the Council due to workload and impending motherhood.

Mike Delaney and Michael Stoltz were auto-removed from the Council due to inactivity. James followed up with both and asked if they wished to continue to serve and both declined.