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Mare BoreumDiacriaArcadiaMare AcidaliumIsmenius LacusCasiusCebreniaAmazonisTharsisLunae PalusOxia PalusArabiaSyrtis MajorAmenthesElysiumMemnoniaPhoenicis LacusCopratesMargaritifer SinusSinus SabaeusIapygiaMare TyrrhenumAeolisPhaethontisThaumasiaArgyreNoachisHellasEridaniaMare Australe
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Volcanoes and Craters


Mars Quadrangles
Number Name Latitudes Longitudes Features Exploration
MC-01 Mare Boreum 65–90° N 180° W – 180° E Korolev, Northern ice cap
MC-02 Diacria 30–65° N 120–180° W Milankovic Crater
MC-03 Arcadia 30–65° N 60–120° W
MC-04 Mare Acidalium 30–65° N 0–60° W Face on Mars, Cydonia
MC-05 Ismenius Lacus 30–65° N 0–60° E Lyot Crater
MC-06 Casius 30–65° N 60–120° E
MC-07 Cebrenia 30–65° N 120–180° E Hecates Tholus
MC-08 Amazonis 0–30° N 135–180° W
MC-09 Tharsis 0–30° N 90–135° W Olympus Mons, Ascraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons,

Noctis Labyrinthus

MC-10 Lunae Palus 0–30° N 45–90° W Viking 1
MC-11 Oxia Palus 0–30° N 0–45° W Ares Vallis The Martian
MC-12 Arabia 0–30° N 0–45° E
MC-13 Syrtis Major 0–30° N 45–90° E Jezero Crater Mars 2020
MC-14 Amenthes 0–30° N 90–135° E
MC-15 Elysium 0–30° N 135–180° E Elysium Mons
MC-16 Memnonia 0–30° S 135–180° W Columbus Crater
MC-17 Phoenicis Lacus 0–30° S 90–135° W Arsia Mons
MC-18 Coprates 0–30° S 45–90° W Valles Marienis
MC-19 Margaritifer Sinus 0–30° S 0–45° W Opportunity
MC-20 Sinus Sabaeus 0–30° S 0–45° E
MC-21 Iapygia 0–30° S 45–90° E
MC-22 Mare Tyrrhenum 0–30° S 90–135° E
MC-23 Aeolis 0–30° S 135–180° E Gale Crater, Gusev Crater,

Ma'adim Vallis

Curiosity, Spirit
MC-24 Phaethontis 30–65° S 120–180° W
MC-25 Thaumasia 30–65° S 60–120° W
MC-26 Argyre 30–65° S 0–60° W Argyre basin
MC-27 Noachis 30–65° S 0–60° E
MC-28 Hellas 30–65° S 60–120° E Hellas basin
MC-29 Eridania 30–65° S 120–180° E
MC-30 Mare Australe 65–90° S 180° W – 180° E
Mars topological map with names. Click map to zoom in.

References Interactive Map of Mars by Google Interactive Map of Mars by NASA. Lots of features.