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The following films are listed alphabetically. The list can be sorted chronologically by clicking the diamond shape which follows the word "Year":

First draft extracted from Wikipedia[1]

Film Year Author Description
2036 Origin Unknown 2018 After a failed mission to Mars, A.I./ARTI is now used for the 2036 mission with a few human supervisors. A monolith of unknown origin is found there. It will have a big effect on Earth.
Life 2017 Daniel Espinosa Horror movie with little Mars content. The film follows a six-member crew of the International Space Station that uncovers the first evidence of life on Mars.
Aelita 1924 In the silent film, a man travels to Mars and leads a popular uprising against the authorities and attracts the love of Queen Aelita.
The Angry Red Planet 1959 Astronauts who return to Earth after a human flight to Mars recount encountering hostile creatures, with only two surviving the encounter.
Christmas on Mars 2008 The film tells the story of experiences during the first Christmas on a newly colonized Mars.
Conquest of Space 1955 A team of American astronauts leave their space station on the first mission to Mars.
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie 2001 The feature film spin-off of the Japanese anime series is set on Mars.
Doom 2005 Based on the video game series Doom, a group of Marines embark on a search-and-rescue mission after a research facility on Mars is attacked.
Escape from Mars 1999 Five astronauts make the first human trip to Mars.
Flight to Mars 1951 A human expedition team lands on Mars and discovers an underground civilization that is dying out.
Ghosts of Mars 2001 John Carpenter On a mostly terraformed Mars, a team of police officers search for missing miners and discover that they have been possessed by spirits from an ancient Martian civilization.
It! The Terror from Beyond Space 1958 At the beginning of the film, the sole survivor of a human mission to Mars is recovered by a second rocket ship, but a monster stows away on board for the trip back to Earth.
John Carter 2012 Based on the 1912 novel A Princess of Mars, former American Civil War Confederate Army captain John Carter is transported to Mars and becomes involved in a conflict between its inhabitants.
Just Imagine 1930 A young man is in love with a woman and must impress government officials to marry her. To do this, he travels to Mars with this best friend, and they are accompanied by a stowaway.
The Last Days on Mars 2013 On the first human mission to Mars, a crew member discovers fossil evidence of bacterial life. When contact is lost with him, the rest of the crew investigates and learns that there is still life on the planet.
Mars Needs Moms 2011 In the animated film, a boy's mother is abducted by Martians, and he pursues them back to Mars to rescue her.
The Martian 2015 Ridley Scott A human mission to Mars goes awry, and an astronaut is presumed dead and left behind on the planet by his crew. He fights to survive in the harsh environment and to signal to others that he is still alive. Upon discovering his signal, NASA, scientists all around Earth, and his crew members collaborate to find a way to rescue him.
Martian Land 2015 The direct-to-video science fiction film is set on Mars in the future, and humans live in domed cities that become threatened by sandstorms.
Mission Mars 1968 Three astronauts travel to Mars on an expedition but encounter strange forces on the planet.
Mission to Mars 2000 A rescue mission is sent to Mars to recover the sole survivor of a scientific expedition, and the astronauts learn that Mars is not a dead planet.
Princess of Mars 2009 In a modern-day update of the 1912 novel A Princess of Mars, the direct-to-DVD film features former U.S. Army sniper John Carter being transported to Mars and becoming involved in a conflict between its inhabitants.
Red Planet 2000 When a terraforming project on Mars goes awry, a rescue mission is sent to fix the system but crash-lands on the planet.
Robinson Crusoe on Mars 1964 The film, based on the survival story Robinson Crusoe, features an astronaut stranded on Mars.
RocketMan 1997 In the comedy film, a substitute astronaut joins the first human mission to Mars with the goal of finding fossils.
Rocketship X-M 1950 Rocketship Expedition-Moon is accidentally hurtled beyond Luna on a trajectory towards Mars. Ship and crew touch down briefly on the Red Planet, where they encounter the survivors of a nuclear war.
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 1965 In the comedy film, Martians kidnap Santa Claus and two children and bring them back to Mars.
The Space Between Us 2017 In the science fiction film, humanity successfully colonizes Mars, and a colonist gives birth to a boy who ultimately travels back to Earth.
Special Report: Journey to Mars 1996 The first mission to Mars is accompanied by a reporter that does regular television reports. The commander of the mission is discovered to have been infected by a group against the mission. He survives and in the last scene he sees something on the surface of Mars that is not shown to the audience.
Species II 1998 In the science fiction horror film, the beginning shows a human mission to Mars in which alien ooze infects the first American man to walk on Mars. The astronaut unknowingly brings the infection back to Earth, where it spreads to others.
Star Crystal 1986 The science fiction film introduces an expedition to Mars, from which scientists recover an alien egg and take to their ship.
Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars 2017 The computer-animated science fiction film, one of several in the Starship Troopers franchise, features a demoted general stationed on Mars who has to train poorly-performing troopers. The military has to confront alien bugs that decide to target Mars.
Stranded(Spanish: Náufragos) 2001 A human mission to Mars crash-lands on the planet, stranding the crew.
Total Recall 1990 Loosely based on the Philip K. Dick story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale", a man recovers the memory of being a secret agent and travels to Mars to figure out his true identity.
Total Recall 2012 Remake of the 1990 movie
A Trip to Mars 1910 The short film, 4 minutes in length, stars a professor who uses an antigravity powder to float to Mars, where he encounters aggressive trees and a giant creature. The creature then sends him back to Earth, but the powder spills and the whole laboratory flies in the sky.
A Trip to Mars 1918 An adventurer travels to Mars in a ship of his own construction, and finds the planet's inhabitants living harmoniously.
Watchmen 2009 In the superhero film mainly set on Earth, the superpowered being Dr. Manhattan exiles himself to Mars after being accused of causing cancer in those in his company.
The Wizard of Mars 1965 A rocketship crew is stranded on Mars, and they travel through a ruined civilization before they find a yellow road that leads to a Martian city and a wizard who can help them.

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