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The default license for content on Marspedia is Public Domain/Creative Commons Zero.

Other options exist and are in some cases exercised. This page is here to provide a ready reference of available tag templates.


If you require a template for terms not on this page or in Category:Tag Templates, please contact a site administrator immediately.

Public Domain

CC Zero Sign Black.svg The creator(s) of this content have released it to the public domain. For jurisdictions where this is not permitted, it is released under the terms of the Creative Commons Zero Dedication.

{{Public Domain}} The public domain template, while redundant, is available to reduce any remaining ambiguity.

Wikipedia-Based Content

All imported content from Wikipedia needs its full revision history imported. Please contact an administrator to do this with you.

Wikipedia's W.svg CC Sign Black.svg This article is based on a Wikipedia article and is controlled by version 3.0 of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA).

{{Wikipedia-CC}} Beginning in mid-2009 all content on Wikipedia was converted, by a process that will never be repeatable, from GFDL 1.2 to Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike.

Some legacy content at least initially was still here under the terms of GFDL 1.2. This is strongly deprecated. Only add new content from Wikipedia under this license if it was removed from Wikipedia prior to 15 June 2009. If the content is not presently available from Wikipedia, notify an administrator about this to request a listing of edits. A best practice for reconstructing unavailable histories with what can be acquired from the internet Archive is not yet developed.

Wikipedia's W.svg Heckert GNU White.svg This article is based on a Wikipedia article prior to 15 June 2009 and is controlled by version 1.2 of the the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).


Collaborative Creative Commons

Current policy is prefer 3.0, but more research is needed, especially in terms of compatibility between versions.

Template:CC-BY-3.0 {{CC-BY-3.0}}

Template:CC-BY-4.0 {{CC-BY-4.0}}

Template:CC-BY-SA-3.0 {{CC-BY-SA-3.0}}

Template:CC-BY-SA-4.0 {{CC-BY-SA-4.0}}

Sole/Primary Author Creative Commons

If you wrote this and it's unlikely or inappropriate for anyone else to make significant edits or additions, these options are available for you.

CC Sign Black.svg CC BY Sign Black.svg This is owned by NAME OF OWNER REQUIRED and is controlled by the terms of CC-BY 3.0.


Template:CC-BY-Owner-4.0 {{CC-BY-Owner-4.0}}

CC Sign Black.svg CC BY Sign Black.svg CC Share Sign Black.svg This is owned by NAME OF OWNER REQUIRED and is controlled by the terms of CC-BY-SA 3.0.


CC Sign Black.svg CC BY Sign Black.svg CC Share Sign Black.svg This is owned by NAME OF OWNER REQUIRED and is controlled by the terms of CC-BY-SA 4.0.


GNU Free Document Licence

Often used before the Creative Commons licenses became available, these are for importing content to Marspedia from outside sources. Please remember to contact an administrator to ensure that the full revision history is imported if it is from another wiki.

Which revision will depend on the source.

Template:GFDL 1.3 {{GFDL 1.3}}

Heckert GNU White.svg This content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Document License 1.2.

{{GFDL 1.2}}

Specialized Licences

For artwork, fonts, software, and other content.

Template:Art Libre 1.3 {{Art Libre 1.3}}

Template:Art Libre 1.2 {{Art Libre 1.2}}

Template:SIL 1.1 {{SIL 1.1}}

Template:SIL 1.0 {{SIL 1.1}}

Template:GPL 3.0 {{GPL 3.0}}

Template:GPL 2.0 {{GPL 2.0}}

Template:LGPL 2.1 {{}}

Template:LGPL 3.0 {{}}

Trademarked Logos

Logos are often needed for identification puposes. These are typically trademarks -- often registered trademarks, and this status needs to be acknowledged.

Some trademarks such as the Creative Commons or Compact Disc logos are used to identify that something is compliant with a set of industry or legal terms, and should only be used in connection with items or content under such situations.

This graphic is a logo. It is the trademark of an organization, business, corporation, government, or other entity that uses this for identification or other purposes. Its use may be under detailed restrictions.

{{Trademarked Logo}}

Copyright Marspedia

For when copyright has been assigned to Marspedia. This template is only to be applied under the supervision of the Marspedia Governing Council.

Marspedia.png This article is Copyrighted © 2017 by Marspedia and cannot be used without permission from the Marspedia Governing Council.

{{Copyright Marspedia|year=2017}}