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Written by Bruce Mackenzie

1a. Contributors of own work: PI's, peer reviewed papers, opinions, also artwork, fiction, etc. They can also summarize their own work. May be too busy or inappropriate for us to ask them to summarize someone else's work.

2a. Contributors of work they find: minimal editing, might be willing to volunteer for assignments.

2b. Contributors, casual: may only suggest "new articles needed."

3a. Editors: those who summarize other's work, might be willing to volunteer for assignments.

3b. Editor / cleanup: devoted folks who fix up exisiting pages, wording, grammar, etc.

4a. Readers, devoted: those who come back repeatedly or follow links to many pages; they may appreciate a "page of the week" notification.

4b. Readers, casual: if they see a link on the web, they may become more interested.

4c. Readers, accidental: stumble upon a page and may or may not come back.